Asset Management

Asset Management

The principals of AdviCorp have been managing funds for 25 years.

Discretionary and Non-Discretionary Individual Private Client Account Services
Bonds, Equities, Forex and Options trading. 


Lonsin Fund

The Private Lonsin Fund 1 was established by AdviCorp in June 2008. The fund investment strategy utilises over a decade of experience of the fund manager in trading distressed, illiquid corporate debt from across world markets. The fund was designed to run for three years and then give the option to return capital plus gains to investors. The first fund has returned in excess of ten times the original investment capital and not surprising the investors have elected to keep their investments with the fund manager to roll into Lonsin Fund 2, which will shortly be open to qualifying external investors.

The key differentials that have enabled the current Lonsin Fund 1 to return compound annual growth in excess of 100% per year since inception are that the fund management use their expertise to investigate and trade in under-researched, over-looked, illiquid corporate credits. The fund takes a global approach which gives enough coverage effectively to implement the fund’s investment strategy. This strategy is disciplined about taking liquidity when it is available and investment targets have been met – when others are starting to buy Lonsin is often exiting its position. Although Lonsin is a patient investor it seeks to avoid accepting unnecessary risks that can occur when a position is held too long.

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